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I’ve been writing and performing since the early 70’s, when songwriters ruled the airwaves. As a young musician, influences like Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris, James Taylor and Crosby, Stills and Nash shaped my sense of story, rhyme and harmony. My first radio performance was at 17.

I then spent over 25 years living and playing across Europe as a solo act and in various bands. But nothing fueled my passion for songwriting more than my years living in Dublin, Ireland. That’s why my music is a mixture of folk, country and americana songs with a celtic accent.

I love storytelling. Telling stories is as natural as breathing. Life is full of them. My goal as a singer-songwriter is to help the stories come alive. I go by Durand instead of Noel because of a story. I’ve moved more than twenty times. There are lots of stories behind that. I’ve lived around the world in France, Germany, Belgium, Bangladesh, and of course my beloved Ireland. I feel like I have lived a dozen lives in half a century and have only begun to realize what a treasure that is. The influence of other people’s lives, cultures and their unique stories seep into the lyrics and melodies of my music.


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