Open your home or listening room to your friends for an intimate evening of songs and stories in 2024. I'll do the rest.

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I've been writing and performing since the early 70’s, when songwriters ruled the airwaves. As a young musician, influences like Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris, James Taylor and Crosby, Stills and Nash shaped my sense of story, rhyme and harmony. My first radio performance was at 17.

I then spent over 25 years living and playing across Europe as a solo act and in various bands. But nothing fueled my passion for songwriting more than my years living in Dublin, Ireland. That’s why my music is a mixture of folk, country and americana songs with a celtic accent.

I love storytelling. Telling stories is as natural as breathing. Life is full of them. My goal as a singer-songwriter is to help the stories come alive. I go by Durand instead of Noel because of a story. I’ve moved more than twenty times. There are lots of stories behind that. I’ve lived around the world in France, Germany, Belgium, Bangladesh, and of course my beloved Ireland. I feel like I have lived a dozen lives in half a century and have only begun to realize what a treasure that is. The influence of other people’s lives, cultures and their unique stories seep into the lyrics and melodies of my music.

Summer House Concerts
If you've ever been to a private concert in someone's home or back yard, you know there's no better way to enjoy someone's music. Personal interaction, a relaxed atmosphere, usually some snacks and above all, connection. As an artist, the chance to interact personally with everyone in attendance during my performance and in the breaks Read more about Summer House Concerts[…]
A couple of months ago I was approached by the online magazine Canvas Rebel to do an interview with me about my life and music. At first I figured they'd lose interest in a songwriter who's currently not playing out that much, and who isn't really trying to "make it" in Nashville. But the process Read more about CANVAS REBEL INTERVIEW[…]
Listen to your voice
There's a bit of self-protection that comes with co-writing. When there's a list of writers on a song, you don't feel the same weight of responsibility for the quality of the finished product that you have when it's one you wrote all by your lonesome. Got a note from a songwriter I admire who had Read more about Listen to your voice[…]

I'm trying to re-invent the way I pursue music to be more connected with the people I play for.

Music shouldn't just be like tap water that you turn on and off. It's what keeps our hearts beating, our minds dreaming and our souls replenished.

As an artist, I need to be connected to your stories as much as you need mine. I'd like to invite you to be part of the conversation. That's where great songs come from.

This year my handful of supporters will be live-chatting with me regularly, hosting music evenings, getting exclusive livestreams of my performances, helping choose songs for studio recordings and most of all, finding their way into the songs that I sing.

Will you be one of them? Send me a message.