New Song: Almost There

Sometimes when I’m writing new music I become both the songwriter and the audience that needs to hear it. Finishing up a new one today with my co-writer Dustin Wilson that started from a simple hook idea “Almost There”. We’d actually finished up a different song called “We’re Almost There” which is a fun tune about a family road trip to the beach where the optimal question is “Are we there yet?”

But we stumbled on a different take on the same two words, and wanted to focus on the anticipation we feel just before something happens that we’ve been looking forward to for a while. I won’t share the whole story but I wanted to focus on a little line we came up with in the second verse sung by the father of the bride.

“So beautiful as you walked down the aisle but not quite to your groom, you didn’t know love won’t just fill your heart, it also makes more room.”

Still getting to me. When I married my wife, I felt like my heart couldn’t love more or it would burst. Then my first daughter was born. And somehow my capacity to love fully just got fuller. Then my second daughter. And my third. And now I have grandchildren. They don’t just fill your heart, they also make more room.

Be looking for updates on the song as we do the finishing touches on it.

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