Kansas City, here we come.


The 2024 Folk Alliance International Conference is this week in Kansas City, Missouri. It’ll be a chance for me to be inspired by some incredible musicians, do some co-writing with friends, and perform in several showcases. Most of all, it’s a chance to network with people who love music that isn’t just about beer, pick-up trucks and girls in tight blue jeans. From celebrating the simple joys in life to retelling history, from lessons learned to causes worth doing something about, folk music isn’t your normal radio music.

It ranges from people that can burn up a fretboard to story tellers that can’t play a single note. From the cousins of country like bluegrass, zideco, blues and all things americana to ethnic folk music from around the world, it’s a wonderful place to not just hear the music but join in as informal playing circles form around the hotel.

Planning to take a little walk down memory lane as well, as this was my dad’s home town and a wonderful place I got to explore with my grandparents as a kid.

I hope to come away with some new friendships, connections for performing around the southeast and beyond, and most of all with a renewed vision for songs yet to be written.

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